Drug Testing Kit Comparison Chart

Unsure of which drug test kit to buy? Or just want to compare the models side-by-side? Check out the comparison of drug testing kits below for an overview of each model and their differences. Compare all models of available saliva / oral drug test kits and urine drug test kits based on their drug cut-off levels and other features. If you're still unsure of which is the best drug testing kit for your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.


 Drug Test Kit SureStep 6-in-1 Urine Drug Testing Kit POC 6-in-1 Urine Dipcard Drug Testing Kit DrugSense DSO8 Saliva Drug Testing Kit
Overview Tests 7 Drug Groups:

AMP 300
BZO 200
COC 300
METH 300
MOP 300
THC 50

Tests 6 Drug Groups:


THC 50ng/ml
COC 300ng/ml
BZD 300ng/ml
AMP 1000ng/ml
OPI 2000ng/ml
MET 1000ng/ml

Tests 8 Drug Groups:

AMP 50
COC 50
MDMA 100
OPI 50
THC 15
BZO 50

K2 25

Adulterants Oxidants (OX)
Specific Gravity (S.G.)
Nitrite (NIT)
Glutaradehyde (GLUT)
Creatine (CRE)
N/A N/A 
Features Easy to use, results in 5 minutes. Long shelf life when stored at room temperature or refrigerated. This rapid and simple drug screening device requires minimal training and provides results in just five minutes.

Do note that this is for the dipcard only- in order to to collect the specimen so that testing may take place, you can take a look at our urine cups.
Simple, easy to use, and fast. Tests for the parent THC, and also tests for 8 of the main drug groups, including synthetic cannabis.