Workplace drug and alcohol testing equipment

Buy the right equipment to implement your workplace drug and alcohol testing policy. From Australian Standard AS3547 certified breathalyzers to MDA approved drug test kits - talk to Andatech to get recommendations for your requirements today. 

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of drugs & substance abusers and addicts work in the private sector.

— National Anti Drugs Agency Malaysia (2021)


of Malaysian youth aged 15–40 years were lifetime users of drug and substance use.

Prevalence of Drug and Substance Use among Malaysian Youth (2022)

RM8.65 billion

all the direct and indirect economic costs of illicit drugs in Malaysia.

Kos ekonomi penyalahgunaan dadah (2009)

Reliable drug and alcohol testing equipment

Conduct regular or ad hoc alcohol and drug testing with the best breathalyzers and drug test kits for your needs.

Andatech breathalysers


Buy Australian Standard AS3547 certified breathalyzers, trusted by hundreds of Australian and international companies for their accuracy and reliability.

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Drug test kits

Drug test kits

Reliable, tamper-proof and in accordance with your company’s alcohol & drug testing policy. Buy MDA approved urine drug testing kits that detect multiple drugs in one test. 

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Breathalyzer calibration

Breathalyzer calibration

Maintain your Andatech or AlcoSense breathalyzer accuracy with calibration services conducted by our technicians in our Kuala Lumpur office - local and convenient.

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Implement your alcohol & drug testing policy, tailored for your industry

  • Schedule a call with our sales team for us to understand your alcohol & drug testing needs.
  • Decide on suitable breathalyzers and drug test kits together with a calibration plan.
  • Receive the breathalysers and drug test kits within 5-7 days of making payment.
  • Get reminders every 12 months to calibrate your breathalyzers to ensure reliable performance.
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BrAC data management using Andalink

Manage alcohol test data from multiple sites in one place

Manage your centralized breath alcohol testing data live through Andalink cloud-based software. Sync with multiple breathalyzers from different locations.

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Andatech breathalyzers and products have been trusted by clients in various industries since 2003.

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