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Buy a breathalyzer to conduct breath alcohol tests on employees or yourself. Breathalyzers or alcohol testers help to measure your alcohol level accurately and conveniently through a simple breath test.

Tested thoroughly for reliability, accuracy and durability, Andatech alcohol breath testers are used by individuals and professionals in various industries. Do contact us if you’d like any assistance or recommendations. Browse our full range of breathalyzers below or contact us to speak to our team of specialists.

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    Australian Standard AS3547 Certified

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    Breathalyzer results in a few seconds

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    Fast shipping

  • 5 years warranty when you calibrate regularly

Workplace breathalyzers

Ad-hoc breath alcohol screening on a large scale.

Buy a workplace breathalyzer for breath alcohol testing on-site.

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Personal breathalyzers

Personal breathalyzers that last a lifetime

Buy AlcoSense personal breathalyzers, Australian Standard AS3547 certified for their accuracy and durability. Built with long lasting fuel cell sensor technology and covered by 5 years warranty