Collection: Workplace Breathalyzers

Buy breathalyzers for your workplace to conduct breath alcohol tests on your employees more efficiently and keep your site safe. Accurate and reliable, Andatech's range of workplace breathalyzers are certified to Australian Standard AS3547 and trusted by companies in Australia, New Zealand and worldwide.

Andatech's breath alcohol testers use advanced fuel cell sensors similar to those found in police breathalyzers. For your convenience, calibrations can be easily done in our KL office on a yearly basis, with warranty up to 5 years on all units. Added features such as custom data input, data upload, built-in printer and GPS help make policy implementation for company OHS staff easier and efficient. 

Browse our selected range of workplace breathalyzers below, or talk to our friendly team for a recommendation. 

7 products
  • Andatech Prodigy 2
    Andatech Prodigy 2 - Andatech Malaysia
  • Andatech Prodigy S
    Andatech Prodigy S main menu
  • Andatech Sentry Police Breathalyzer
    Andatech Sentry Police Breathalyzer - Andatech Malaysia
  • Andatech Soberpoint FRX
  • Andatech Accesspoint FRX
  • Andatech Surety
    Andatech Surety
  • Andatech Prodigy S Print Pack
    Andatech Prodigy S with bluetooth printer