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Buy a personal breathalyzer to check yourself with an alcohol test before you drive. A breathalyzer is the easiest and most reliable way to estimate your BAC anytime, anywhere. With increasingly heavier penalties on drink drivers in Malaysia, it's becoming more apparent that breathalyzers are becoming more of a necessity to keep drivers safe on the road. 

AlcoSense personal breathalyzers are Australian Standard AS3547 certified for their accuracy and reliability. Guaranteed up to 5 years, our personal breathalyzers just need calibration every 6 months, which can be done easily in our KL office.

Choose from our range of highly reviewed personal breathalyzers to choose the best one for you. If you need any recommendations, contact our friendly team for assistance. 

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    Fast & accurate BAC testing

    Platinum fuel cell technology. Accurate to ±0.005%BAC. AS3547 certified.

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    Sleek & pocket-sized

    Handy to carry around. Take a test whenever you want, wherever you go.

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    Reliable after-sales service

    Highly-reviewed breathalyzers and customer service. Service centres based in Malaysia.

  • 5 years warranty

    Warranty extendable up to 5 years with regular calibrations.

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Personal breathalyzers that last a lifetime

Know when you are sober enough to drive with just a BAC test using an AlcoSense personal breathalyzer. Shop our full range of personal alcohol testers below:

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