About Andatech

At Andatech, we develop, support, and service a large variety of safety devices, including high quality breathalyzers and drug testing equipment, and drug testing services. Andatech Safety Pacific Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia) is a subsidiary of Andatech Pty. Ltd., an Australian-owned, award-winning company operating from Vermont, Victoria.

Established since 2003, Andatech Pty. Ltd. focuses on products that improve the community’s health and safety in everyday life. Our aim is to not only develop products that integrate the latest in technology but also to constantly provide the best customer experience in the industry through exceptional customer service and user-friendly online systems.


Quality of life is what drives the nature of our business. Hence why, here at Andatech, our mission is to provide the best solutions to improve safety and minimise risk, especially in the workplace. We strive for excellence in our products and after-sales service for our partners and end customers. To achieve that, we are constantly sourcing for innovative products and developing better systems to make alcohol and drug testing for consumers and organisations as efficient and seamless as possible.


Andatech provides breathalyzers and drug testing kits and services to some of the largest organisations in Australia and the world. Customer experience with Andatech and reliability is a highlighting point for our loyal and returning customers, and our business awards for business technology, innovation, and customer service is a testament to that. Andatech continues to introduce new technologies and services to the market, including the latest breathalyzers with internet connectivity, camera, expandable memory, and cashless payment.

What We Pride Ourselves On

Quality Products & Systems

We follow the processes and standards of ISO9001, to which our Australian headquarters Andatech Pty Ltd is certified to. Additionally, our breathalysers are certified to Australian Standards AS3547, ensuring that they are accurate, reliable, and well-supported through a strict control process as a safety device.

A Global Breathalyzer Company

Andatech is headquartered in Australia, but our clients and partners come from all around the globe. We’re also calling more countries home, with more representatives in various countries helping Andatech grow. Other than Malaysia, our presence can be found in Philippines, Vietnam, India, and Singapore.

Awards and Certifications

Our Australian headquarters have won multiple awards and certifications for business innovation, technology and customer service. Our recent wins include Whitehorse Excellence Business Awards (2017), Optus Business Awards (2016) and Australian Business Awards (2016).

Trusted by Clients and Partners

Our products and services are used by some of the world’s largest organisations. Our customers choose Andatech because of our dedication to quality and excellent customer service. Just read some of our many amazing reviews and testimonials for our company and products!

Andatech Malaysia

Andatech Safety Pacific Sdn Bhd (Malaysia) was founded in early 2017, and is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Andatech Malaysia is part of Andatech Global, a group of companies focusing on safety, health and technology. All our alcohol breath testers and drug testing kits are supplied by Andatech Pty Ltd (Australia) and our services and processes adhere strictly to the same standards as those applied in our Australian parent company. Andatech Malaysia is also a part of Andatech Distribution, which aims to distribute a range of quality health, wellness and innovation products to South East Asia.