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Saliva drug test kits for 8 drugs + alcohol

DrugSense DSO8 Plus Saliva Drug Test Kit

DrugSense DSO8 Plus Saliva Drug Test Kit

Detect AMP, COC, MET, OPI, THC, BZO, OXY, K2 & alcohol through a saliva drug test. Easy to use. Non-invasive. 1 Box of 25 pcs of saliva test kits.
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Detect 8 drug groups and alcohol in saliva with one drug test

Easy to use and non-invasive saliva drug testing.

  • AMP - 50ng/ml
    COC - 50ng/ml
    K2 - 25ng/ml

  • BZO - 50ng/ml
    OXY - 40ng/ml
    METH - 50ng/ml

  • OPI - 50ng/ml
    THC - 15ng/ml
    Alcohol - 0.02%BAC

  • Dso8+

    Prepare sponge collector

    Unscrew the sponge collector from the test cup.

  • DSO8+

    Collect saliva sample

    Place the sponge collector into the subject's mouth, and let it sit for 3 minutes or until the sponge becomes fully saturated.

  • DSO8+

    Place sponge into test cup

    After the sample has been taken, firmly screw the sponge collector back into the test cup.

  • DSO8+

    Read results in 10 minutes

    Wait for the coloured lines to appear. Within 10 minutes, peel off the label along the indicated line to view the test results.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Anita W
Great Product

Delivery was very fast, and great product simple and easy to use.

Jason M
DSO8 Test Kits

Ordering was easy just click and pay, delivery was very fast and tracking was provided. Use of the test kits is simple and easy, and seeing the results in such a quick time. Great product and service.

Leo C
Very helpful

Was prescribed duromine to loose weight and was worried it would show up as amphetamine on a road side drug test so I bought the saliva tests. Even though it was negative I was still to scared to drive because I am on parole.

Mark S
Drug Testing

The drug test kits are simple to use and give us a result quickly so we can get the drivers back on the road quickly. We use them at random times or when accidents happen. It helps keep everybody focused on safety and compliance.

Peter W
Site testing use

Very easy to use and reading of the results