Information Regarding Drug Testing and Drug Testing Kits

Drug test kits are one of the most efficient ways to test for drug usage both at home and within the workplace. As reported (with information acquired by NADA), " The latest available statistics on drug types, which were commonly misused by Malaysian drug users in 2013, cited opiates (75.07%) as the highest ranked substance, followed by methamphetamines (13.58%), cannabis (8.82%), amphetamine-type substances (ATS) pills (2.23%), and psychoactive or psychopharmaceutical pills (0.22%), although it was not known which substance types were more highly used among drug users of different age groups."

Drug Test Kits Malaysia - Andatech
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Where can you purchase drug test kits within Malaysia?
If you're ever around the TTDI area, do drop by to our office at 19b, Jalan Wan Kadir 2 to check out our full range of drug test kits, and even our workplace and personal breathalyzers! Our sales team will be happy to show you around and answer any questions you may have about how drug test kits work, how they're used, and more. We offer a decent range of drug testing kits, and kits that have two forms of administration: saliva drug test and urine drug test. If you're not in TTDI or the surrounding areas, do have a look at our drug testing kits- they test for marijuana, cocaine, and many more frequently used substances. 

Drug and alcohol testing services within Malaysia
A consultation with our team of experts can help you determine what your workplace drug and alcohol testing in Malaysia, be it random testing, pre-employment testing, or regular drug testing. For organisations that conduct their own in-house testing, Andatech can provide alcohol and drug testing kits for your as well. Our saliva test kits have both swab tests and soaking test, so find out which is best for you. Aside from that, we also carry urine drug tests which allows for rapid results as well. Urine drug testing is one of the most common forms of drug testing, aside from saliva tests- albeit somewhat more unpleasable to conduct. 

Consult with us today to find out how we can help your organisation develop a reliable and efficient alcohol and drug testing process. We service clients in all industries - contact us to find out more.

A quick run-down of frequently used drugs within Malaysia
There is a worrying trend of a relatively high relapse rate of 50%- that of which has been seen consistently within the past decades. From January to September of 2012, it was reported that there was a reduction in the number of new and repeated drug cases in Malaysia - 4053 and 2882 respectively (National Anti-Drug Agency, 2012).

With Malaysia being slightly different from other countries, the majority of our drug users tend to lean towards drug usage as a coping mechanism against stress- these are just among professional groups. Aside from that, students attending university and college become involved with drugs due to academic and peer pressures. 

In Malaysia, commonly abuse drugs include opiates, cannabis/ marijuana, and amphetamine-based stimulants (such as Adderall- a drug which was initially intended for use by people who suffered from ADHD). 

The legalisation of marijuana in certain countries has made the drug’s use more socially acceptable. This trend can distract people from marijuana’s addictive potential. Rates of marijuana addiction might also be growing due to increasing potency due to crossbreeding and selective breeding over the past decade.

Studying the impact of group identity of alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana usage among teenagers, it is found that teens within specific "popular" societal groups were more likely to fall into substance use, compared to those in the quiet, and more reserved groups. Other reasons for drug usage include curiosity, rebelling against authority by means of drug usage, or even as an escape/ expression of deviation from traditional normality and values.