Safety Solutions for Oil, Gas, and Energy Industries

Oil and gas industries


In safety-critical industries such as oil and gas, construction, and mining, drug and alcohol policies are crucial in minimising workplace risks, ensuring the safety of all employees, contractors and clients, as well as to ensure compliance with regulations. The need for workplace drug and alcohol testing is a huge necessity in safety-critical industries such as construction and building, where a slight lapse in judgement or concentration may cause a devastating mistake.

Having the right alcohol or drug testing equipment can help employers and OSH officers detect and prevent drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace before it escalates. Andatech offers advice and on drug and alcohol testing, and can provide tailored solutions and management for small to large companies in the mining, construction, energy, and oil and gas industries. We specialize in guiding customers through all aspects of setting up, policy making and administration of drug and alcohol testing programs in the workplace. Our workplace breathalyzers are Australian Standards AS3547 certified.

Do note that the current drug testing kits that we have in Malaysia tests for THC (a component within marijuana- otherwise known as ganja), cocaine, amphetamines, benzodiazepine, methamphetamine, and opioids. Have a browse through our kits, and find out which drug testing kit suits you best.  

Whether you are just starting out with a workplace drug and alcohol testing policy, or are already conducting workplace testing, we are here to help. Our drug and alcohol testing equipment and solutions are suitable for all cases of workplace drug and alcohol testing, including pre-employment testing, post-incidental testing, random testing, return-to-duty testing or stand-down testing. Browse our drug and alcohol testing equipment below or contact us to speak with our friendly sales team.