Fuel Cell Breathalyzers

Andatech Breathalyzers' Fuel Cell Technology

AlcoSense Breathalyzers are fitted with advanced fuel cell sensors to ensure you get the most reliable BAC readings when it matters the most.

AlcoSense fuel cell breathalyzers offer an extremely high level of testing accuracy and sensitivity, and are the alcohol testing devices of choice in situations that demand the most reliable results. Law enforcement breathalyzers also use fuel cell sensors, as do large corporations that conduct workplace alcohol testing.

At higher BAC concentrations, fuel cell breathalyzers offer more accurate readings than the traditional, cheaper semiconductor units.

Fuel cell sensors rely on an electrochemical process that oxidises the alcohol in a breath sample and produces an electrical current to determine the BAC. A fuel cell consists of two platinum electrodes with an electrolyte material between them. As the ethyl alcohol passes through them, the platinum oxidises it into acetic acid, protons, and electrons. The electrons then pass through a wire to generate a current and this reveals the BAC. The strength of the current corresponds to the volume of alcohol present in the breath sample.


Fuel cell breathalyzers are highly alcohol-specific and test only for ethyl alcohol (or drinking alcohol). Fuel cell breathalyzers will not provide false positive alcohol readings for individuals who are diabetic or on a low calorie diet, and they do not react to cigarette smoke, breath acetone, and volatile chemicals such as hairspray and gasoline vapor.


Exceptional Accuracy

Fuel cell breathalyzers are more accurate - at an accuracy range of +/- 0.005%BAC - and are more likely to maintain that accuracy over a much longer period of time. When testing large numbers of individuals, fuel cell breathalyzers are also more likely to produce the same result, making them highly suitable for employee or workplace alcohol testing.


Serviceable with a Longer Life

AlcoSense fuel cell breathalyzers are serviceable by a professional technician, ensuring their condition is maintained properly to high standards. Fuel cell-based breathalyzers also require calibration less frequently, up to 1,500 tests or once per year, making them more convenient and less expensive to maintain than semiconductor breathalyzers. Some of our workplace breathalyzers with fuel cell sensors can even do unlimited tests in between each calibration!


Australian Standards AS3547 Certified

AlcoSense fuel cell breathalyzers go through independent rigorous testing and certification to Australian Standards AS3547, promising better accuracy and reliability than breath testers that are without it. This certification is especially important for workplaces conducting alcohol testing, and calibration or maintenance to Australian Standards requirements are imperative for reliability and legal purposes.Browse our range of Fuel Cell Breathalyzers