How to Properly Use a Breathalyzer (Infographic)

We've received quite a number of customer service calls in Australia mentioning that breathalyzers that have been purchased from us are faulty, or are having issues reading breath samples- which wasn't the case at all.

After further conversation with our customers, it has become apparent to us that a number of first time customers don't actually know how to blow into a breathalyzer the correct way.

Just remember: never commit drunk driving felonies, and always stay below the legal limits. The effects of alcohol can still be contained within your body the next day (that's why we have hangovers), and you should always have an alcohol tester on hand- that's how you know whether or not you're below the limit.

Here's a handy little infographic that will hopefully provide some insight on how to correctly blow into a breathalyzer!


How to properly use a breathalyzer