DOSH, and What They Do

The DOSH (Department of Occupational Safety and Health) is a department which falls under the Ministry of Human Resources. DOSH is responsible for ensuring the health, safety and welfare of people at work, as well as protecting other people from the safety and health hazards that arise from the activities sector. The DOSH is also responsible for the administration and enforcement of legislation related to occupational safety and health of the country. Some of these sectors include (but are not limited to): Manufacturing, Mining and Quarrying, Construction, Hotels and Restaurants, Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing, Transport, Storage and Communication, Public Services and Statutory Authorities, Utilities - Gas, Electricity, Water and Sanitary Services, Finance, Insurance, Real Estate and Business Services, and Wholesale and Retail Trades. 

Drug abuse has had negative and devastating effects on society- especially when it comes to the usage of heroine, morphine, benzo's, and most other hard drugs. As such, they pose an incredibly substantial hazard, due to the fact that these drugs affect a person's ability to work, drive, or even operate within day to day life safely. This issue in and of itself presents an even greater risk within the workplace- those that abuse drugs and alcohol have been found to substantially contribute to absenteeism, poor productivity, and even high staff turnover rates and criminal involvement. 

In accordance to DOSH, their Code of Practice's aim is to assist the "employer and employee to fulfil his obligation under the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994, in addressing drug, alcohol and substance abuse problems in the workplace. Employer, under Section 24(1) of Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994, has the obligation to take reasonable care of his own safety and healthy and other persons who may be affected by his actions at work. There, employee should not indulge in drug, alcohol and substance abuse. This Code highlights the key principles in effective management of drug, alcohol and substance abuse at workplace." 

So how does this affect us as employers?

As we are either employers or employees within our respective companies, we are held to a certain standard- regardless of position. With that being said, a staunch rule in regards to that standard would be not being under the influence of any substance during (or even after) working hours, due to the effect that it could have on you while you're working- not to mention how it could pose a potential hazard to your unassuming coworkers. According to DOSH's Code of Practice, an employer should establish a policy on drug, alcohol, and substance abuse to safeguard the safety and health of his employees. As for the employees, they should fulfill the duty in supporting the employer's duty to safety the safety and health of the employees within the company. 

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