Why Purchase Your Breathalyzer from Andatech?

There are many different companies selling breathalyzers out there- some reputable, and some not. Besides the reputation of companies, there is always one sure-fire way to tell if they're legitimate: their product. As you may already know by now, there are many different variants of breathalyzers in regards to specifications, and even what sort of technology they use. Hopefully this post will be able to shed some light as to why Andatech is one of the leading breathalyzer companies in Australia, and why our products are certified, tried, and tested.



As a company, Andatech's motto is "Innovations for life". We firmly believe that the products you own should last- that's why we provide the Andatech Guarantee for customers who have purchased breathalyzers from us (more on that shortly). 

Essentially, as the saying goes "what you pay for is what you get"- compare a RM150 breatahlyzer to our Alcosense Verity (RM770). Our Alcosense verity features an AS3547 certification, sleek design, retractable mouthpiece, fuel cell technology, and an accuracy margin of ±0.005%BAC puts its reliability on par with industrial and law enforcement breathalyzers that use fuel cell sensor technology. Now, if you were to purchase a breathalyser for RM150, you would most likely be receiving a flimsy unit that utilizes a less accurate semiconductor sensor. 

Remember,  companies are still able to sell breathalysers that don’t meet industry standards, so stay on your guard, especially if you choose to purchase a cheaper breathalyzer.


Local Warranty

Remember the Andatech Guarantee that was mentioned in the point above? Let's expand on that: we believe that as long as you maintain the integrity of your product, and stick to the recommended calibration schedule, you should be compensated with an extended lifetime warranty- this is how much we stand by our products and their quality. Our local warranty covers parts from wear and tear, provided that you have been calibrating your unit in accordance to the Andatech Guarantee (calibrate your unit with us every 6 months, adhering to AS3547 criteria). 

With Andatech, you won't need to send your devices overseas when an issue arises- we have you covered. Learn more about our warranty here.


Local Calibration  

Curious as to what calibration is? In short, it's a process where your breathalyzer has its sensor checked against a controlled solution and then 'adjusted' to read accurately again- think of it as a car servicing to keep things up and running.

If you are a current owner of a breathalyzer, I'm sure you know how troublesome it is finding a place to calibrate your breathalyzer- not to mention the long turn around time, and extremely exorbitant cost involved when calibrating your device. Unlike most other companies, we keep our calibration cost relatively low, and we have an extremely fast turnaround time of 1 week. 

If you'd like to find out more, read out calibration guide here.